Advocacy | Partnership | Impact

The Craig-Scheckman Family Foundation


CSFF engages with communities to equip them with the tools necessary to improve pathways towards equitable access to wellness and quality of life.


CSFF aspires to be an enduring catalyst in supporting innovative and collaborative solutions to address complex social, economic, and environmental issues.


We believe in creating genuine systems change at the local community level through a collective grassroots approach involving all stakeholders, including city and county government, large and small businesses, nonprofits and key leaders working in partnership at the regional, state and national level. Our work can only be accomplished through the building and cultivation of trusted and respected partnerships.


Consequently, every strategy, assessment, decision or action is guided by our Core Values:

  • Advocacy – Increasing awareness and action through community dialogue and problem-solving effectuates progressive change.
  • Partnership – Working purposefully with others generates positive transformation through a shared combination of experience, knowledge, and assets.
  • Impact – A just and sustainable future is best realized through meaningful and measurable outcomes.